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Former Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams has announced his bid to run for mayor of Detroit. During a live virtual press conference, Adams outlined his plan for the city and informed voters why he would be the best candidate for the job. With over 30 years’ experience in the public service sector, Adams is now looking to make a change for Detroit residents, introducing a stark contrast to current Mayor Mike Duggan’s city’s operation, Adams wants to offer residents an alternative to existing policies.

“We must be progressive in our approaches,” Adams says. “But Detroiters also need to know that there is a clear option, that they don’t have to settle with what they’re getting.”

Hosting a town hall question and answer segment during the live press conference, the candidate outlined his four central campaign pillars: crime, equity, the senior citizen population, and improving the quality of life for all Detroiters.
“This election is about the soul of Detroit,” Adams says.

Listed as the most dangerous city in the nation by the FBI in 2019, Detroit’s high crime rates continue to concern residents. The new mayoral candidate hopes to introduce programs and initiatives to restore peace in the city streets and counter crime-inducing patterns.

“We have to attack this by addressing underlying issues of poverty and really changing the whole notion of what policing is,” Adams shares. “If we don’t move forward with a much more aggressive strategy in how we’re addressing these underlying issues of crime, we can never get to a core result.”

Harnessing the community’s power to drive down crime rates and keep the community safe is another way Adams is looking to combat crime in the city. Through active community engagement efforts, Adams wants to steer the community towards a safer space.

“We Detroit, we need to change how we police ourselves. We need to spend much more time being proactive in the policies designed to engage our community before the crime is committed. It’s not a surveillance strategy, but a real community engagement approach,” Adams says.

In addition to high crime rates, Detroit is also home to a surging population of impoverished residents living just above the poverty line. Creating an equitable city for all Detroiters is a campaign promise that Adams plans to cash in.
“Part of what we have to recognize is that equity starts at home and we have to have policies that encourage and empower Detroiters, Detroit businesses, and Detroit residents to benefit from the tax breaks and benefits that have been doled out,” Adams explains.

For Detroiters, facing a pandemic coupled with existing socioeconomic issues, the city’s economy and financial well being of its citizens hang in the balance. Working to encourage the equal spread of resources for all the city’s residents is the main stage for this campaign.

“We’ve got to flip the script. We’ve got to focus on equity and inclusion for the people who live here, existing businesses who have been working and striving and trying to make a living,” Adams says. “We’ve got to change the pattern of what we do because if we don’t do that, we’ll continue to be in a bad situation for the people who live here in the city of Detroit.”
According to United States Census Bureau’s 2019 Detroit QuickFacts, roughly 13 percent of the city’s population are senior citizens. Improving the quality of life for senior residents and the entirety of Detroit, with the help of Adams’ administration, will enhance Detroit’s vitality.

“Part of what my administration will be focused on is fully coordinating the full array of resources that are available and also making additional resources available so we can begin to deal with the underlying issues of poverty, of homelessness and hopelessness in our city,” Adams says. “We can move this mountain forward, but we have to be committed and coordinated how we attack our problems.”

Detroit’s Primary Elections are on August 3, and General Elections on November 2. The mayoral candidate currently serves as the principal of Marine Adams Law PC.

“I am committed to the challenge of moving Detroit forward,” Adams says.

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