The candidate trying to oust Mike Duggan from power lambasted both the current mayor and the city’s energy provider for a power outage that has left city residents in the dark for days.

Mayoral challenger Anthony Adams criticized DTE Energy for its lackluster response time and Duggan for accepting campaign contributions from DTE’s political action committee. Duggan received $10,000 from the PAC on June 30, according to the Wayne County Campaign Finance System.

At an event with supporters in front of DTE’s Detroit headquarters, Adams chided the company “about the level, or lack thereof, of service that residents are getting in the city of Detroit,” Adams said. “It is tantamount to third-world level service when you have people in our community that have gone without power for more than a week, and the only response from the people in this building that made millions of dollars off of the taxpayers is we’re going to give you a $25 credit for all the food that was lost in your house.”

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