A long history of service and dedication to the citizens of Detroit.

Anthony Adams, Esq., is a progressive leader with integrity, vision, and proven results. His fundamental belief is we are all put here for a purpose – his purpose is to empower Detroiters.

Anthony Adams’ public service career began over 30 years ago as an Executive Assistant to the late, Honorable Coleman A. Young, Mayor of the city of Detroit. His tenure in Mayor Young’s administration became the catalyst for Anthony Adams’ future city of Detroit leadership roles.

Anthony Adams’ multi-faceted service to the city of Detroit includes:

  • Deputy Mayor for the city of Detroit
  • Executive Assistant to Mayor Coleman Young
  • Elected Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education Member and DPS Board President
  • Interim Director of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
  • General Counsel for Detroit Public Schools
  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Appointed as Detroit’s Deputy Mayor, Anthony Adams had complete oversight for the city’s Public Safety portfolio. In addition, he managed multiple front-line departments, including the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works, Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, among many others.

Sworn in by Anna Diggs Taylor

Anthony Adams was sworn into practice in the Federal Bar by Anna Diggs Taylor, the first Black Woman Federal District Court Judge in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Anthony Adams also served as chair of the city’s Finance and Budget teams. He developed the “Detroit Economic Stimulus Package” – which created a $300-million fund to assist in repairing the city’s aging infrastructure, established a rainy-day fund, and created an entrepreneurial fund to support local businesses. Further, Anthony Adams led the effort to upgrade the city’s Standard and Poor’s credit rating, in 2008.

As Interim Director of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, Anthony Adams managed a capital budget of $3-billion and 2,200 employees – the city’s largest enterprise agency in its organizational structure. He also worked to create water affordability plans for Detroit residents.

As General Counsel for Detroit Public Schools, Anthony Adams was responsible for coordinating all development projects and business contracts including the $1.5-billion Capital Improvement Program. He also directed the DPS Title I budget of more than $250-million, aimed at delivering more direct services to students.

Anthony Adams’ is a critical thinker. His extensive leadership experience, unwavering commitment, and enlightened skill-set uniquely position him to move the city of Detroit forward.

Anthony Adams earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban Management and Planning from the University of Cincinnati. His Juris Doctorate Degree is from Georgetown University, Law Center in Washington, D.C.

Anthony is a principal at the Marine Adams Law Firm. He is married to Attorney Lynn Marine-Adams. He is the father of three children.

“I am committed to serving the ordinary people of Detroit and not Special Interest Groups.”

“I am committed to serving the ordinary people of Detroit and not Special Interest Groups.”

Anthony Adams is not approaching this campaign like the rest, which is to rely on billionaires and the well-connected for their support. To compete, he needs you to contribute whatever you can to help even the playing field, so everyday Detroiters have a voice.

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