Hello Detroit, 

My name is Anthony Adams and I want to be your next mayor. 

On November 2, 2021, Detroiters will be asked to go to the polls to elect their next  mayor. Aside from Coleman A. Young’s election in 1973, no poll in history will have more  influence over the future of our city. With the direction of billions of dollars, allocation of  public resources, reparations and tax policy at stake, Detroiters need to understand that  they hold the key to their future. The choice is theirs to make. 

Over the last eight years, we have lost more than 90,000 of our family members  who have moved out of the city. Whether it’s through tax foreclosure, water shutoffs,  utility shutoffs, overassessments, or gentrification, people have been negatively impacted  by the policies of this administration. We need a mayor who understands that when you  cut someone’s water off, you impact the stability of the family; when you over assess and  tax someone out of their home, you have impacted a family’s to gain generational wealth;  that when you fail to contract with black companies, you are not strengthening the  business fabric of our city; when you don’t meet with community leaders on a regular  basis, you lose contact with the desires of city residents.  

I am committed to improving the quality of life of  the average Detroiter. Whether it’s by adopting  creative ways to intervene before crime occurs,  improving programs designed to keep residents in their  homes; stopping the flooding of our neighborhoods,  creating meaningful programs for our seniors, and  assisting our next generation of leadership, I will lead  with integrity and a commitment to restoring the  respect that our residents deserve. We have the ability to dramatically transform  the lives of those who we love; but only if we get out  and vote. Let’s make a future that our children can be  proud of. They are counting on you, and so is the future  of Detroit. 

Yours for a better Detroit, 

Anthony Adams


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Help me do that for our city, for every person who calls Detroit home. Let’s embrace the hope we have for a better future for our city, and make it a reality, together! Join the movement by getting involved. We, Detroit!!!


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